Best answer: Who is the 8th gym leader in Pokemon sword?

Complete the mission and you can face the eighth Gym Leader, Raihan, who specialises in Dragon-type Pokémon all focusing on Sandstorm. He Gigantamaxes his Duraludon. Defeat him and you will receive TM99, Breaking Swipe, the Dragon Badge, the Dragon Uniform and the ability to capture Pokémon up to Level 100.

Who are the 8 gym leaders in galar?

Pokémon: Every Gym Leader In The Galar Region, Ranked

  1. 1 Melony. Melony happens to be the Ice-type Circhester gym leader if you’re playing Pokemon Shield and she sports a full team of Ice-type Pokemon.
  2. 2 Bea. …
  3. 3 Kabu. …
  4. 4 Raihan. …
  5. 5 Opal. …
  6. 6 Allister. …
  7. 7 Gordie. …
  8. 8 Piers. …

Where is the 8th Gym Leader in Pokémon Sword?

8. Hammerlocke Gym. You’ll have been through Hammerlocke many times before you can eventually battle its Gym Leader, Raihan. He’s the Dragon Gym Leader, and the final hurdle in the Gym Challenge – before the semi-finals and finals that is.

Who is the 8th Gym Leader?

Sunyshore Gym

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Sunyshore Gym ナギサジム Nagisa Gym
Gym Leader Volkner
Badge Beacon Badge
Dominant Type Electric
Region Sinnoh

Who is the last Gym Leader in Pokémon Sword?

The final gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Raihan, a dragon-type gym leader. While he’s labeled as a dragon-type user, he actually only uses two dragon-type Pokémon, so check out our guide to figure out how to beat him.

Who is Marnie Pokémon?

Marnie is a character appearing in Sword and Shield. She appears in the games Pokémon Sword and Shield as one of the rivals, and later succeeds her older brother’s title as Gym Leader. She is also the idol of Team Yell.

Who is the 6th Gym Leader in sword?

The sixth gym in Pokémon Sword is against Gordie, a rock-type specialist in Circhester. If you’re playing Pokémon Shield, you go up against ice-type user Melony instead. Gordie’s rock-type specialty means he’s weak to a lot of different Pokémon, but if you still need help, check out our guide below.

How old is Leon Pokemon?

Leon is known far and wide for taking part in the Gym Challenge at the tender age of 10 years old-and even more so for claiming victory in the Champion Cup on his first attempt.

Is Alistair a boy or girl Pokemon?

Allister is a young boy with pale skin and purple eyes.

Who does Raihan dynamax?

The final two Pokemon that Raihan will send out along with the Pokemon he will Dynamax is a LVL 46 Sandaconda, a pure ground type, and his final Pokemon is a LVL 48 Duraludon. The latter will be the one he Dynamax’s and is also one of the strangest typings in the game at steel/dragon.

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Is Volkner based on Minato?

Minato, Konohagakure’s Fourth Hokage, and Volkner, Sinnoh’s strongest Gym Leader, have a lot more in common than just their blonde hairstyle. … Because of this, it makes sense for Minato to be an electric-type master like Volkner while consisting of the speediest electric Pokémon like Jolteon and Mega Manectric.

Is Bugsy a boy or girl?


Bugsy ツクシ Tsukushi
“The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia”
Gender Male
Eye color Black*, Lavender*
Hair color Lavender

Who is Allister Pokemon?

Allister is the Internet’s New Favorite Gym Leader in ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’ … Allister is a talented Trainer of Ghost-type Pokémon who has taken on the mantle of the Ghost-type Gym Leader at a young age. He’s extremely shy and fearful, and he always hides his face with a mask when around other people.

Who is the 7th Gym Leader in Pokémon Sword?

The seventh gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Piers, a dark-type user in the city of Spikemuth. Piers’ challenge is a bit more straightforward than the other challenges, but we prepped a guide to help get through it anyway.

What’s the 8th gym in Pokémon Shield?

Gym 8: Hammerlocke

Gym Leader Raihan Gigalith Duraludon
Battle Type Items Level 46 Level 48
Attacks: Stealth Rock

What Pokemon does champion Leon have?

Leon’s Pokemon

  • Aegislash, level 62, steel/ghost.
  • Dragapult, level 62, dragon/ghost.
  • Haxorus, level 63, dragon.
  • Rhyperior, level 64, ground/rock.
  • Rillaboom, level 64, grass.